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Each of the following Commercial titles contains at least one catalogued scene:

4711 (Cologne) 2011
Acqua di Gioia (fragrance) 2011
Advil (cold remedy) 1999 Canada
Alka Seltzer Plus 2007 United States
All (detergent) 1968 United States
Aqua di Roma (fragrance)
Avon (cosmetics) 2004 Canada
Axe (men's fragrance) 2006
Axe Dry 2008
Beck's (beer)
Billabong (Jeans)
Blueberry.net (e-business) 2007
Boston Pizza (restaurant) 2006
Bridgestone Tires (Turanza) 2005
Buffalo Jeans
Chick Flick 2012
Cinzano (vermouth) 1979
Cinzano (vermouth) 1978
Cinzano (vermouth) 1983
Citroen (car)
Clear Men Scalp Therapy (shampoo) 2012
CO2NTRA 2007
Coca Cola C2 2004 United States
Cocoa (Jeans)
Credit Canada 2014 Canada
Dairy Queen "Flamethrower" (hamburger) 2004 United States
Dentyne (gum) 2007
Diesel (clothing)
Diesel (clothing)
Disney Parks Canada
Dodge Journey (car) 2008
Dove Deep Moisture (body wash) 2009
Dr Scholls 2006 United States
Dusch Das (body wash) 1996 Germany
e.on (power and gas provider) 2000 Germany
Electrolux (washing machines) 2005 Germany
Fibresure (fibre supplement) 2007
Flake (Cadbury chocolate) 2007
Garnier Fructis (shampoo)
Geberit (bathroom fixtures) Germany
Go Daddy (internet services) 2010 United States
Grand Prix Air Canada (motor racing) 2000 Canada
Guess (jeans)
Hardee's Hamburger / Carl's Jr. 2005 United States
Head and Shoulders (shampoo) 2010 Australia
Heinz (baby food) 2007
Herbal Essence (shampoo) 2011 Canada
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter United States
Illinois Lottery 2002 United States
Irish Spring (body wash) 2011
Irish Spring Soap 1988 United States
J'Adore Dior (perfume)
Jenny Craig (diet program) 2011
Kashi Foods 2009
L (perfume) 2007
L'Oreal (make-up) 2011
Lacoste Inspiration 2007
Land Rover (vehicle) 2015 United States
Lanvin for H&M (clothing retail) 2010
Late 60s/early 70s bra commercial
Les enfants s'ennuient le dimanche 2010
Levis Engineered Jeans Atlantis 2006
Listerine Pocket Mist (breath spray) 2006 Canada
London Times United Kingdom
Lynx Dry (anti-perspirant) 2010
Manhattan (shirts)
Meijer (Store) 2011 United States
Mercedes (car) 2008
Miller Light
Mirto Zedda Piras (liquer) 2006 Italy
Nintendo Style Savvy (video game) 2010
NRJMobile (mobile phone service)
Opti-Free 2004 Canada
Panama Jack 1995
Participaction (public service) 2010 Canada
Pepsi Cola 2006
Perrier (water)
Peugeot 308 (car) 2011 Germany
Picnic Chocolate Bar
POM Aphrodite (pomegranate juice) 2010
Pro Mix Growtopia campaign 2014
Pur (beverages) 2009 France
Rallenty Zoom
Ralph Lauren "Glamourous" (perfume) 2002 United States
Rimmel (lipstick)
Rona 2004 Canada
Rui Motta clothing 2006 United States
Sprite (soft drink) 2008 Brazil
Sprite (soft drink) 2009 Brazil
Stride Shift (gum) 2010
Sure (deodorant)
Swiffer (floor cleaner)
Swiffer Wet Jet (mop) 2010
Tim Horton (frozen green tea) 2014 Canada
Trident Splash (gum)
Verizon (wireless network) 2011
Virginia Slims (cigarettes) United States
Vittel (bottled water)
Vöslauer (mineral water) 2011 Germany
Weetabix Crunch (cereal) United Kingdom
Weightwatchers (diet program) 2015 United States
Whirlpool (washing machines)
White Gold 2006
Witch (beauty products) United Kingdom
Yasmin (birth control) 2006
Yaz (contraceptive) 2009
Yello (power) 2011 Germany
Yes Essentials (car mats) 2007

Wetlook or WAM scenes may include:

  • Going out in or getting caught in the rain
  • Accidentally or deliberately getting wet by sprinklers
  • Being pushed in, falling in, swimming, diving, jumping or wading into water - the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming pools, etc.
  • Falling into or playing in mud or dirty water
  • Getting covered in or playing with food or other messy substances e.g. pudding, pies, syrup, "slime", etc.

A wetlook scene involves a person (generally female) in some situation where they end up in wet or soaked clothes - anything other than traditional swimwear, such as:

  • a blouse, shirt, sweater, or camisole
  • a skirt or dress
  • a business suit or jacket
  • underwear (bra, panties, garter/garters, corset)
  • socks, stockings or pantyhose
  • shoes or boots (heels, sandals, trainers)
  • a coat (raincoat, trenchcoat, etc.)
  • jeans, slacks or pants, t-shirt, tank top, or halter top
  • accessories such as gloves, hat, scarf, etc.

A messy scene involves a person (generally female) in some situation where they get partly or completely covered in some sort of messy substance e.g. food or mud. It generally does not matter how a person is clothed, if at all.

See also: All people (generally female celebrities) known to have appeared in wet (wetlook) or messy (WAM) scenes