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Each of the following TV Mini-Series titles contains at least one catalogued scene:

A Man Called Intrepid 1979 United Kingdom
As Noivas de Copacabana 1992 Brazil
Bangkok Hilton 1989 Australia
Body and Soul 1993 United Kingdom
Brides of Christ 1991 Australia
Camelot 2011 Ireland
Centennial 1978 United States
Dead by Sunset 1995 United States
Dream West 1986 United States
East of Eden 1981 United States
El Dorado 2010 United States
Ellis Island 1984 United States
Emma: Queen of the South Seas 1988 Australia
Fiendens fiende 1990 Sweden
Flair 1990 Australia
Glass Virgin, The 1995 United Kingdom
Gone to the Dogs 1991 United Kingdom
Hercules 2005 United States
Il ritorno di Sandokan 1996 Italy
Kennedy 1983 United Kingdom
Lonesome Dove 1989 United States
Miss Texas 2005 Canada
Mistral's Daughter 1984 United States
Mysterious Island 2005 United States
Noble House 1988 United States
North and South 1985 United States
North and South II 1986 United States
Pearl 1978 United States
Pictures 1983 United Kingdom
RAN: Remote Area Nurse 2006 Australia
Return to Eden 1983 Australia
Scarlett 1994 France
Scruples 1980 United States
Sisi 2009 Italy
The Dirtwater Dynasty 1988 Australia
The Poseidon Adventure 2005 United States
The Real Charlotte 1991 United Kingdom
V: The Final Battle 1984 United States
Will of Their Own, A 1998 United States
Wives and Daughters 1999 United Kingdom

Wetlook or WAM scenes may include:

  • Going out in or getting caught in the rain
  • Accidentally or deliberately getting wet by sprinklers
  • Being pushed in, falling in, swimming, diving, jumping or wading into water - the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, swimming pools, etc.
  • Falling into or playing in mud or dirty water
  • Getting covered in or playing with food or other messy substances e.g. pudding, pies, syrup, "slime", etc.

A wetlook scene involves a person (generally female) in some situation where they end up in wet or soaked clothes - anything other than traditional swimwear, such as:

  • a blouse, shirt, sweater, or camisole
  • a skirt or dress
  • a business suit or jacket
  • underwear (bra, panties, garter/garters, corset)
  • socks, stockings or pantyhose
  • shoes or boots (heels, sandals, trainers)
  • a coat (raincoat, trenchcoat, etc.)
  • jeans, slacks or pants, t-shirt, tank top, or halter top
  • accessories such as gloves, hat, scarf, etc.

A messy scene involves a person (generally female) in some situation where they get partly or completely covered in some sort of messy substance e.g. food or mud. It generally does not matter how a person is clothed, if at all.

See also: All people (generally female celebrities) known to have appeared in wet (wetlook) or messy (WAM) scenes