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This page presents information which can help you to get the most out of this site. It is divided into the following sections:



About This Site

The purpose of this site is to be a sort of encyclopedia of WAM and wetlook in mainstream media, focusing primarily on female celebrities and and their appearances in:

...basically, any live action scene that was produced and distributed/broadcast for a mass market. Excluded from this catalog are animation (not live action), fetish videos, and anything which could be described as a home movie, unless it has found its way to the mass market by way of mainstream media such as the evening news. This catalog also largely excludes glamour photo shoots, unless they have been broadcast in a mass market TV show. Someone's camera phone video won't qualify just because it's been posted to Youtube and had 20,000 views. So called "production" or "glamour" WAM won't qualify either because it is produced specifically for a niche market and won't have mainstream exposure.

The objective is to maintain a comprehensive catalog of all live action wet or messy scenes from mainstream media, along with some information about the scene itself. Most entries will describe genuine WAM/wetlook scenes, although some will serve to "debunk" purported WAM/wetlook scenes which never were. A rating system allows scenes to be ranked according to its WAM or wetlook value. A zero means the scene does not actually contain any true WAM or wetlook; a 10 means the scene is as good as it gets.

The typical scene included in this catalog is one where a female celebrity has ended up wearing wet clothes (other than a bathing suit, wetsuit, or similar) or became at least partly covered in something messy, ideally to erotic effect.

This site does include a certain amount of photographic material, mostly to help you identify people and scenes you might not have heard about, and to add a little visual interest. It isn't meant to be a photo archive, gallery, or tribute site; that would involve too much work, storage space and bandwidth, and would probably raise intellectual property concerns. Likewise, you won't find any video clips on this site, only links to other sites.


Types of Entries

The catalog contains three types of entries: people, scenes, and productions (titles)

People  People

Person entries almost always describe female celebrities who have appeared in a WAM/wetlook scene. The only exceptions would be celebrities who haven't yet appeared in any known WAM/wetlook scenes, or particularly attractive women who don't yet have a mainstream filmography. Person entries may include any or all of the following information: basic biographic data (i.e. birthdate), aliases (e.g. birth name, alternate stage names), main photo, gallery of selected photos, editor comments, keywords, selected or partial filmography (incomplete list of known appearances), list of known WAM/wetlook appearances, and comments by site members.

The purpose of the main photo (if present) is to help you "put a name to a face" if you're not familiar with the person. Main photos could be glamour or WAM/wetlook, but that is not the intent.

Where present, the photo gallery may or may not include WAM/wetlook, glamour, topless, or nude photos, and may or may not be stills/captures from a cataloged WAM/wetlook scene.

Person entries almost always have links to a reputable site (almost always IMDB) where you can learn more about a given celebrity. Because detailed biographical data and photos for most celebrities are readily available elsewhere, only some basic details and links are kept in this catalog.

Scenes   Scenes

A scene entry gives a detailed description of a WAM/wetlook scene, including the production in which it occurs. A scene entry may include any or all of the following additional information: main photo, photo gallery, approximate start time and/or duration of the scene, editor comments, keywords, known people appearing in the scene, off-site links, and comments by site members. If present, off-site links may lead to downloadable clips, Youtube clips, photos, photo galleries, articles, or other content.

The basic description of a scene is intended to be a brief, objective, factual description of the scene - persons involved, action taking place, and usually, clothing worn. The described action is usually confined to the actual wet or messy event(s), but sometimes includes a bit of lead up to supply context. The basic description will appear in any listing of the scene.

Editor comments are a more subjective perspective of the scene, usually offer information about how good the scene is, from a WAM or wetlook perspective. Where a scene has been rated, the editor comments may provide some insight as to why the scene received the rating it did.

Where links are supplied, they can take you to other sites which contain additional photo galleries, video clips, or other content relevant to the given scene.

Productions   Productions (Titles)

A production entry describes a production which may or may not contain WAM or wetlook scenes. A production entry might describe a movie, TV series, episode, special, commercial, or music video, and may include any or all of the following information: description, alternate title(s), parent TV series (for TV episodes only) selected (incomplete) cast, list of selected episodes (for TV series only), WAM/wetlook scenes, and comments by site members.

Movies, TV series, TV movies, mini-series, specials, etc. are cataloged under the titles as they appear in IMDB. Where alternate titles are listed, they are also as they appear in IMDB.

Episodes of TV series are cataloged under the episode titles as they appear in IMDB. Where the epsiode is untitled or unknown, it will usually carry a title of "(Unknown)".

Commercial entries are titled by the brand/product name being advertised, and the product category in parenthesis e.g. "Peugeot (car)", and may include alternate titles to help with identification or resolve spelling issues (e.g. รถ vs oe)

Music video entries are titled by song.

Most production entries will have a link to a reputable site where you can find more information. For movies and almost all TV shows, this will be IMDB. In some cases, music video entries will provide a link to a music catalog site. Commercials and most music videos won't have such links.




The behaviour of searches depends on the selected type of search. "Literal" searches are not case sensitive, and allow for variation in accented vs unaccented characters, but otherwise require an exact match to the string you specify (spelling, punctuation, and whitespace must match exactly). Sound-alike searches perform an approximate phonetic match, allowing for considerable spelling variations. By default, keyword searches are inclusive; results will include matches to any of the specified keywords, so the more you keywords you use in your search, the more results you will get back.

Name searches employ sound-alikes to find matches despite incorrect spellings. This may help find someone when you're not sure of the spelling, or the person's name uses an unusual spelling, but may produce a larger than expected list of matches, and the list may include names which don't appear to be very close to the name you are looking for.

Title searches employ literal matching against the cataloged titles and alternate titles, and excludes episode titles. There is no tolerance for incorrect spellings, or variations in either punctuation or whitespace.

Episode searches function identically to title searches, except that they match against the cataloged episode titles only.

Scene searches employ keyword matching against scene descriptions, editor comments (not user comments), and assigned keywords.

Image searches will search the image library by caption and assigned keywords.

Keyword searches will search productions, scenes, and people; productions are keyword-searched by titles and descriptions; scenes are keyword-searched by descriptions, editor comments, and assigned keywords; people are searched by editor comments and assigned keywords.

If you are logged in to the site, you can also perform a literal search of your own user comments.

Advanced Search

When you check the "Advanced Search" box, "Scene", "Image", and "Keyword" of the search types allow more complex searches; "Name", "Title", "Episode", and "My Comments" searches are unaffected.

Advanced searches allow you to prefix keywords with "+" or "-" to only include or always exclude results containing those keywords. For example: "+wet +red +dress" will only include results where all three terms appear; "+dress -blue" will include all results where "dress" appears but "blue" does not.

Note: there are additional advanced search behaviours, as yet undocumented.

Try Again Feature

When a "Try Again" link appears in the results, IWDB can search an additional resource (IMDB) to find a unique match to your request (person or title). If a unique match can be found, it is added to the catalog and the search is repeated.

The "Get" Button

You can add a person or title to the catalog by entering a URL to the corresponding IMDB page and clicking the "Get" button. This only works for IMDB "name" and "title" URLs; anything else is ignored.

External Search

When an "External Search" link appears in the results, you can use it to initiate a search of IMDB to find the person or title you are looking for. You can then use the URL of the page you found to add a person or title to the catalog.


Site Membership and Registration

As a non-member, you can search and view any of the site content, as well as add new person and/or title entries to the catalog, where there are corresponding entries in IMDB. As a member, you can also post your comments to any person, scene, or production entry in the catalog. Membership on IWDB is free. To register and become a member, click here.

When you register, you must supply a valid email address, and choose a member name and password.  A special email message will be sent to the address you provide which contains a confirmation link. When you receive the email, follow the link it contains to fully activate your site membership.

Posting Comments

You can post comments for people, scenes, and productions (titles). When you post a comment, it can either be public - for everyone to see, or private - for your eyes only. Private comments allow you to make your own personal notes.

When you post a comment, you can also attach a rating. Scene ratings are influenced by the ratings you attach in your comment posts. Ratings you attach to person and title comments are not used at this time.

You can search your comments (both public and private) using the "My Comments" search type.


Become a Contributor or Moderator

You can help to make IWDB better by becoming a contributor or moderator.

As a contributor, you can improve IWDB by creating additional scene entries, as well as titles not found in IMDB such as commercials and music videos.

Contact me via the email address below if you're interested.