About Ratings

Scenes catalogued in IWDB can carry ratings - both for the scene itself, and a person's appearance in the scene. These ratings are meant to give an indication of the overall quality of a scene (or person's appearance in it) from a WAM/wetlook point of view. It's a subjective evaluation based on a number of factors including:

  • Length (duration) of the scene. The longer a scene is, the better; a scene may do well on all of the other factors, but if it only lasts a second or so, it will be rated low. No matter how well it does on any of the other factors, a scene won't score a 10 unless the WAM or wetlook runs at least a couple of minutes.
  • Type of clothing worn. A girl swimming or showering nude or in a bathing suit is not wetlook, no matter how attractive she may be. Neither is a girl in a diving or surfing wetsuit. To earn a high rating, the subject must be wearing clothing not generally considered appropriate for swimming, and the closer to a typically complete outfit the better. There are a lot of scenes where a woman ends up in a pool wearing a great outfit, but she immediatley strips down to a swimsuit she happened to be wearing underneath, or nothing at all; this is fine as a conventionally sexy seen, but it isn't wetlook, and won't earn a high rating. Wet t-shirts, tank tops, "belly" shirts, jeans, and shorts generally will not earn as high a rating as gowns, dresses, blouses, skirts, business suits, etc., all other factors being equal; skimpy, casual attire is used so frequently for swimwear, and often accepted as such, so it almost counts as "conventional" swimwear.
  • Coverage. It may be a great outfit, but if all she does is spill a little water on her blouse, get the hem of her dress wet, or get a few spatters of mud on her outfit, it won't earn a high rating. To earn a good rating, she's got to get totally drenched or thoroughly covered in mess.
  • Distance and framing/composition. To earn a good rating, the subject has to more or less fill the frame. Long shots where you can't see any detail, head shots of a girl swimming, or extreme close-ups don't show what should be visible to earn a good rating.
  • Lighting. Dim night shots, backlit silhouette shots, etc. won't earn a good rating, because you can't see any decent wetlook effects. Night scenes can earn a good rating if they are reasonably well lit.
  • Editing. The more the camera lingers on the subject, the higher the rating a scene will earn; quick-cut music video style editing will almost always earn a low rating, especially when the wet or messy scenes are intercut with other scenes. That said, there are always exceptions - Madonna's video for Cherish is one example.
  • Visible wet/messy effects (shine, cling, color change, transparency). Sometimes, due to lighting, or the nature of the fabric, you just don't see any evidence of an item of clothing being wet. Similarly, if a purported messy substance doesn't have the right properties, it won't look like the subject is messy at all. If it isn't showing up well in the scene, it won't earn a high rating.
  • Before/during/after. A great wet or messy scene is one where the subject (and her outfit) is seen clean and dry (before), getting wet or messy (during), and displaying the result (after). Many scenes which would otherwise be great moments in WAM film are not so great because they miss one or another of the before, during, or after phases.

Ratings (where assigned) range from zero to 10. A zero is basically a WAM/wetlook non-event; a 10 is given only to the best of the best scenes considering all the factors listed above.

Wet (wetlook)MessyWet and MessyRating 
(unrated) (unrated) (unrated) (unrated)Not yet rated
 0/10  0/10  0/10 0/10Not a relevant wet or messy scene, or nothing is visible
 1/10  1/10  1/10 1/10Barely qualifies as a wet/messy scene - too short, minimally wet or messy, not what a true wet/messy scene is about, really hard to see anything, or goes by in a flash
 2/10  2/10  2/10 2/10It's a WAM/wetlook scene alright, but really not much of one
 3/10  3/10  3/10 3/10It's OK, I guess
 4/10  4/10  4/10 4/10If only...
 5/10  5/10  5/10 5/10Not bad
 6/10  6/10  6/10 6/10Better than average WAM scene
 7/10  7/10  7/10 7/10Good
 8/10  8/10  8/10 8/10Very good
 9/10  9/10  9/10 9/10A really, really good WAM/wetlook scene
 10/10  10/10  10/10 10/10WAM/wetlook just doesn't get any better than this