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Scenes recently added to IWDB

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29-Aug-2020 07:56 (unrated) Woman in skirt and sweater wet and lathered, on a street.
Irish Spring Soap
26-Aug-2020 08:19 (unrated) The entire video is scenes in what appears to be a backyard where two young women are playing/fighting with a garden hose and getting thoroughly soaked. They are wearing casual clothes (one in t-shirt and cutoffs, the other in a tight sweatshirt and leggings)
24-Apr-2020 09:48 (unrated) "Heavenly" (Shirley) gets into an argument with her father (Ed Begley); she falls into shallow water a couple of times, soaking her dress.
Sweet Bird of Youth
02-Mar-2020 11:52 (unrated) Muddy then wet/underwater chase/escape sequence; Ann (Rosemarie) wearing her white blouse and long tan skirt.
The Golden Mistress
02-Mar-2020 11:30 (unrated) Ann (Rosemarie) and her companion jump into a small pond to wash off the mud from her previous falls.
The Golden Mistress
02-Mar-2020 11:29 (unrated) Ann (Rosemarie) falls several times in mud wearing a white blouse and long tan skirt.
The Golden Mistress
10-Aug-2019 02:54 (unrated) "Sammy-Jo" models around and then in a pool wearing a red tank top and jeans
17-Jun-2019 02:29 (unrated) "Mary" (Caroline) wades into a pool and swims over to a man; she is wearing a long-sleeved dress and stockings
Mary Kills People
02-Feb-2019 03:46 (unrated) Isaac makes it rain on the Orville's bridge, soaking the crew.
The Orville
27-Jan-2019 06:37 (unrated) Hedda dances in rain wearing satin blouse and skirt in numerous scenes throughout. Mostly wears a light cardigan, some scenes without cardigan flashes of poke-through.
The Rain
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