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1981 TV Series (United States)


Alternate Titles

Denver Clan GermanyGermany

Cast Selected Cast

Pamela Sue Martin(Actress) 
Heather Locklear(Actress) 
Joan Collins(Actress) 
Catherine Oxenberg(Actress) 
Tracy Scoggins(Actress) 
Stephanie Beacham(Actress) 
Tricia O'Neil(Actress) 
Pat Crowley(Actress) 
Cassie Yates(Actress)Sarah Curtis (1987)
Christine Belford(Actress) 
Maggie Roswell(Actress) 
Leann Hunley(Actress) 
Andrea Howard(Actress) 
Emma Samms(Actress) 

Scenes  Known Scenes

(unrated) Heather Locklear 
    Video clip
(unrated) Heather Locklear 
(unrated) Heather in a pool and underwater wearing a yellow tank top and shorts
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(unrated) Pamela Sue Martin (27)
(unrated) Pamela gets pushed into a pool wearing a red pant suit
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 7/10 Emma Samms (28)
 7/10 Heather Locklear (27)
 7/10 "Sammy Jo" (Heather) and "Fallon" (Emma) bicker over a man; it escalates into a catfight first in a large water barrel, and then into mud. The scene ends with the girls settling their differences and briefly playing in the mud. Emma is wearing an outfit appropriate to English-style horse riding, Heather is wearing jeans and light winter jacket.
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 5/10 Joan Collins (50)
 6/10 Linda Evans (41)
 6/10 "Alexis" (Joan) goads "Krystle" (Linda) until "Krystle" shoves "Alexis" into a pond, but both go in and a catfight ensues until "Blake" shows up. Both women are wearing fancy dresses.
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(unrated) Heather Locklear (25)
(unrated) Catherine Oxenberg (25)
(unrated) "Sammy Jo" (Heather) and "Amanda" (Catherine) bicker; "Amanda" tries to push "Sammy Jo" into a swimming pool, but they both go in together and engage in a catfight. Both are wearing evening gowns.
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(unrated) Pamela Sue Martin (28)
(unrated) "Fallon" (Pamela) dances on a diving board, invites "Mark" to join her; she falls into the pool, he jumps in after. She is wearing a 1920s "flapper" costume.
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(unrated) Linda Evans (44)
(unrated) Joan Collins (53)
(unrated) "Krystle" (Linda) grabs "Alexis" (Joan) by the arm as the two women walk through woods and bicker; they lose their footing, tumble down a slope and land in a muddy puddle. Both are wearing business formal suits and heels.
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(unrated) Pamela Sue Martin (27)
(unrated) "Fallon" (Pamela) falls off her horse and into a river. What she is wearing is similar to a traditional English riding outfit.
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(unrated) Joan Collins (54)
(unrated) "Alexis" (Joan) is pulled into mud in a tug-of-war. She is wearing a costume suggestive of medieval royalty.
    Video clip
(unrated) Joan Collins (54)
(unrated) "Alexis" (Joan) is rescued from a river after her car falls from a bridge. She is wearing a formal gown.
    Video clip
(unrated) Heather Locklear (30)
(unrated) "Sammy-Jo" models around and then in a pool wearing a red tank top and jeans

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