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Touched by an Angel

1994 TV Series (United States)


Cast Selected Cast

Stephanie Zimbalist(Actress) 
Valerie Bertinelli(Actress) 
Kirsten Dunst(Actress)Amy Ann McCoy (1 episode, 1996)
Roma Downey(Actress) 
Jane Sibbett(Actress) 
Hudson Leick(Actress) 
Scott Baio(Actor) 
Karen Sillas(Actress) 
Mercedes McNab(Actress) 
Marcia Strassman(Actress) 
Bradley Whitford(Actress) 
Hayden Panettiere(Actress) 
Cynthia Nixon(Actress) 
Jennifer Blanc(Actress) 
America Ferrera(Actress)Charlee (1 episode, 2002)
Mary McDonnell(Actress)Sister Theodore (1 episode, 2002)
Emily Osment(Actress) 
Lindsay Crouse(Actress) 
Isabella Hofmann(Actress) 
Dee Wallace(Actress) 
Mel Harris(Actress) 
Barbara Mandrell(Actress) 
Mary-Margaret Humes(Actress) 
Aimee Graham(Actress) 
Natalie Anderson(Actress) 
Jenica Bergere(Actress) 
Lesley Ann Warren(Actress) 
Daveigh Chase(Actress) 
Rosalind Allen(Actress) 
Melissa Gilbert(Actress) 
Jennifer Morrison(Actress) 
Linda Gray(Actress) 
Susan Diol(Actress) 
Morgan Fairchild(Actress) 
Madeline Zima(Actress) 
Piper Laurie(Actress) 
Debbie Reynolds(Actress) 
Alicia Coppola(Actress) 
Mare Winningham(Actress) 

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